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Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

Ciabatta with Stuffing

Ciabatta with Stuffing


Crispy Ciabatte with stuffing served with mixed salad! A very good hearty breakfast and tea break!

Choice selection: Scramble Eggs & Cheese | Tuna Mayo | Truffle Egg Mayo | Crab Meat (+$5)

Exclusive Mosanco Tea Add-On (35% discount!)

[Exclusive!] Mosanco Tea Rose Flavour! (15X2 Sachets)

Researched & developed locally in Singapore by the team in Mosanco Pte Ltd!

More than just a daily tea, Mosanco Tea is a functional tea that is designed to promote healthy carbohydrate absorption after meals and desserts. If you love to eat but want to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, then this is a must to pair it after meals & desserts!

Contains 30 Rose flavour Mosanco Tea sachets each.

If you have tried Mosanco Tea in our outlets, do get this awesome deal and have Mosanco Tea in your stash of healthy products!

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Plain (with no stuffing), Scramble Eggs & Cheese, Tuna Mayo, Truffled Egg Mayo, Crab Meat (+5)