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[CNY] Enchanted 8 Immortals Collection

[CNY] Enchanted 8 Immortals Collection


The only ‘Huat’ drink you will need this Lunar New Year!

Tired of the regular packet drinks that you usually provide at home during gatherings? How about leaving an entrancing impression with our newly launched “8 Immortals Collection”?

Consists of 4 of our newly launched House Blend Cold brew Teas with our top 4 Cold Brews in Enchanted Cafe, we bring you our very own  Enchanted 8 Immortals Collection limited edition Cold Brew set! This is the ultimate combination of cold blended tea + cold brews to have for Lunar New Year or for giftings!

*Psst! This is a limited edition set! So grab it now before it’s all gone! 


Cold BrewWhite, Black, Bandung, and Chocolate (2 coffee and 2 non-coffee cold brews)

House Blend Cold Tea The Enchantress Potion, Witch’s Sleeping Spell, Strange Tales From The East, and Pixie Dust

The Enchantress Potion – Rich Bergamot (citrus) aroma of earl grey accented with soothing hints of rose and cherry blossom.

Witch’s Sleeping Spell *Caffeine free* – Exotic fusion of roselle and mint leaves, embellished with the subtle sweetness of dried fruit and wild berries

Strange Tales From The East – A delicate blend of refreshing sencha green tea imbued with fragrant floral notes of osmanthus

Pixie Dust – Revitalising rooibos tea infused with the alluring scents of orange peel, sakura leaves, rose and lavender

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Enchanted Cafe delivers them for you no matter the time and place!