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Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

[CNY] Enchanted Fortune Bundle Box

[CNY] Enchanted Fortune Bundle Box


Introducing the Enchanted Cafe Fortune Bundle Box!

Consisting of a mixture of our delicious mouth-size Pineapple Tarts, savory crunchy Almond Cookies, tasty pair of Macarons, and a must-have for CNY ‘Huat’ Fortune Cookies!

The bundle box contains 16 almond cookies, 14 pineapple tarts, a pair of macarons and a pair of fortune cookies. 

*Limited sets available, so grab them now!

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Pineapple tarts (Ong Lai)

  • arrival of wealth, prosperity to come in the brand new year!

Almond cookies

  • bring you good fortune and prosperity all year round!

A pair of Macarons

  • hope good things will come to u doubly!


Enchanted Cafe delivers them for you no matter the time and place!