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Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

Be an Enchanted Connoisseur!


Be an Enchanted Connoisseur!


If love our cold brews, love our “always open” 24 hours outlets, or you have plans to book our awesome Mosanco Space for your next event!

Wait no further! Join our family of Enchanted Connoisseurs!

You can also get exclusive updates and able to reserve a table via our CS line!

You will get:

  • $1,500 worth of Mosanco Vouchers (3 years validity) – 25 X $20 Vouchers | 10 X $50 Vouchers | 5 X $100 Vouchers
  • A Mystery Gift!
  • 2 years of 20% discount (E-card given after 5 working days)

Only 188 Connoisseurs openings are available!


You will receive your vouchers and the gift from us within 3 days after the purchase right at your door step! Should you have any other requests, please do not hesitate to call us at 8846 8000!

*Please visit for Terms & Condition*