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Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

Brunch Set for 1


Brunch Set for 1


[Set Promotion!]

Enjoy this Promotional Set of one. You will be given a choice to choose 1 of our brunch + Any bottled beverages to complete your breakfast / branch!

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Your Brunch

Avocado Toast (OUT OF STOCK), Bonito Smoked Salmon Toast, Truffled Mushroom w/ Scrambled Egg

Cold Brew Choices

White Coffee, Black Coffee, Bandung, Mocha, Chocolate, Rose Chocolate, Rocha, Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Coffee, Orange Chocolate, Peach Tea, Mango Tea, Lychee Tea, Black Tea, Peach Soda, Mango Soda, Lychee Soda