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Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

Brunch Set for 1


Brunch Set for 1


[Set Promotion!]

Enjoy this Promotional Set of one. You will be given a choice to choose 1 of our brunch + Any bottled beverages to complete your breakfast / branch!

Exclusive discount add-ons that you should not miss!

Vanilla Crepe Cake (Add-on!)

Add this Delicious Vanilla Crepe Cake to complete your meal!

Out of stock

Matcha Cold Brew (Add-on!)

Add-on our awesome Matcha Cold Brew now!

Bandung Cold Brew (Add-on!)

Add and try this in with no regrets!

Matcha Latte Cold Brew (Add-on!)

Add-on for your delicious coffee fix!

Hokkaido Milk Premium Gelato (Add-on Item!)

Yummy Hokkaido Milk Premium Gelato will end your indulgence with a bang! Even more enjoyable in this hot weather in Singapore!

Mint Chips Premium Gelato (Add-on!)

If you like mint with chocolate chips, then you should not miss this and bundle it in your buy!

Mint + Chocolate chips Premium Gelato for you to enjoy at the comfort of your home!

French Vanilla Gelato (Add-on!)

A must-try for Vanilla lovers! Enjoy this price as an add-on!

Rich flavour French Vanilla Gelato for you to enjoy at home!

Strawberry Fukuoka Gelato (Add-on!)

Add this into cart as an add-on now!

Single Scoop delicious Strawberry Fukuoka Gelato for you to enjoy at home!

Belgium Chocolate Gelato (Add-on!)

Add this awesome ice cream as an add-on now!

Irresistible Chocolaty Belgium Chocolate Gelato (Single Scoop) for you to enjoy at home!

Out of stock

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Your Brunch

Avocado Toast (OUT OF STOCK), Bonito Smoked Salmon Toast, Truffled Mushroom w/ Scrambled Egg

Cold Brew Choices

White Coffee, Black Coffee, Bandung, Mocha, Chocolate, Rose Chocolate, Matcha, Matcha Latte, Rocha, Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Coffee, Orange Chocolate, Peach Tea, Mango Tea, Lychee Tea, Black Tea, Peach Soda, Mango Soda, Lychee Soda