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Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

Garlic / Butter Fried Rice

Garlic / Butter Fried Rice


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This is back by popular demand!

Presenting to you our enchanted delicious Japanese butter fried rice with delicious baked mushroom with turkey bacon as a side! There is also another option to choose from (Garlic flavour).

Choice of 1 meat includes our crispy all-time favourite Mid-Wings, newly launched Chicken Cutlet or just top it up at $1 for healthy smoked salmon!

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Ice Peach Tea (Add-on!)

Add-on for your delicious ice-cold peach tea!

Vanilla Crepe Cake (Add-on!)

Add this Delicious Vanilla Crepe Cake to complete your meal!

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Belgium Chocolate Crepe Cake (Add-on!)

Get our chocolate crepe cake as an add-on as a sweet bang!

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Oreo Crepe Cake (Add-on!)

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Awesome delicious Oreo Crepe cake is here! Grab yours now before it's sold out! 

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Hokkaido Milk Premium Gelato (Add-on Item!)

Yummy Hokkaido Milk Premium Gelato will end your indulgence with a bang! Even more enjoyable in this hot weather in Singapore!

Mint Chips Premium Gelato (Add-on!)

If you like mint with chocolate chips, then you should not miss this and bundle it in your buy!

Mint + Chocolate chips Premium Gelato for you to enjoy at the comfort of your home!

French Vanilla Gelato (Add-on!)

A must-try for Vanilla lovers! Enjoy this price as an add-on!

Rich flavour French Vanilla Gelato for you to enjoy at home!

Belgium Chocolate Gelato (Add-on!)

Add this awesome ice cream as an add-on now!

Irresistible Chocolaty Belgium Chocolate Gelato (Single Scoop) for you to enjoy at home!

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Strawberry Fukuoka Gelato (Add-on!)

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Single Scoop delicious Strawberry Fukuoka Gelato for you to enjoy at home!

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Additional information

Choice of Fried Rice

Garlic Fried Rice, Butter Fried Rice

Choice of Meat

Chicken Cutlet, Crispy Mid Wing (OUT OF STOCK), Smoked Salmon (+$1)