Important things to note for delivery and fulfilment!

Q: How long will you be receiving your products?
A: If no preferred timings and dates are set, delivery would be within 2 hours from ordering timing. Unless there are overwhelming orders, our CS team will get in touch with you. 🙂

If you are sending it to a different receiver:
Ensure that all information is clearly stated (should the address be a different address from billing address or should it be a gift, please do state it clearly).

Receiving a confirmation email from Mosanco Enchanted Cafe:
You will receive an email confirmation from us with your order number #XXXX with billing + delivery details and also an email from PayPal pertaining to your paid invoice.

Do contact us at +65 8813 1086 for any urgent matters.

There will be additional delivery charges for additional trips made for any wrong address given or any misinformation that caused unfulfilled deliveries.

Thank you and have an enchanting experience with us!

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